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Nitty Gritty Training

Jul 29, 2022

We are joined by Emma Cook-Clark, 2021 North American Champion. She was also 4th-place finisher at Spartan Worlds in her first year in the sport. Emma is a talented OCR racer but perhaps even more of a natural mountain runner and all-around adventurer.

Emma speaks candidly about being a newcomer to Spartan racing...

Jul 15, 2022

Join us for a great chat with Hawk Call, a young athlete who's taking the OCR scene by storm. Hawk chats candidly about his training, his goals in OCR, and how his father, Spartan legend Hobie, has helped shape his sporting aspirations.



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Listen to this and all Nitty Gritty...

Jul 1, 2022

There are SO many different types of endurance races out there - road, trail, mountain and sky running, Spartans and Hyrox, Mountain bike, and even Skimo!

Many of these endurance events attract similar crowds and can make training schedules a fun type of chaotic. What meshes and what clashes? Find out on today's...